Margaritaville Resort Orlando is one of the most talked about new communities in Orlando. Once released it could be the hottest new resort in the Disney catchment area.

The Jimmy Buffett band wagon is marching into Orlando this year with one of the largest new resort communities in Central Florida.

Whether you are a parrot head or not, Margaritaville Resort Orlando is going to be one of the leading resort communities in the country.

Don’t just have a Cheeseburger in Paradise when you can Buy a Vacation Home in Paradise. Come down and join the rest of the phlock.


Margaritaville Resort Orlando vacation homes and condos for sale


About Margaritaville Resort Orlando

This 320 acre, $750 million investment by Encore and Jimmy Buffett is definitely attracting lots of attention.

With only 1,000 vacation homes being constructed at Margaritaville Resort Orlando, we expect sales to be extremely strongly from the start.

Currently the developers are taking $1,000 reservations on properties at the Margaritaville Resort but as we know from 32 years of experience, until we get some confirmed prices and sales officially start, many families may change their minds.

Some families may feel that they cannot wait for Margaritaville Resort properties to be delivered, which could be at least a year or so away. If that is the case, as independent Realtors we have ACCESS TO ALL OF THE RESORT COMMUNITIES in the Disney, Orlando area. Resort townhomes which can be rented out start from  the mid $200,000’s and pool homes from around the $300,000 mark.

If you are looking for a rental income, you need to understand that with over 65 million visitors each year, ALL QUALITY HOMES WILL RENT WELL. You may not be able to afford a property at Margaritaville Resort but there will no doubt be similar properties within your budget. Check out our main website at Buy Orlando Properties.

For those that can afford to wait the Buffett brand has millions of followers and Orlando welcomes over 65 million tourists each year. It is going to be a great union which could reshape the Orlando rental marketplace.

Just imagine owning a piece of this wild and wonderful community. You could live the pirate lifestyle everyday and receive a rental income to boot!

About Margaritaville Resort

Inspired by  Jimmy Buffett’s songs, Margaritaville Resort Orlando is the first resort offering from the in/famous beach bum styled crooner. … and pirate. And what a first resort, with $750 million being invested.

Margaritaville Resort Orlando. Luxury waterrfont homes for sale near Disney
Margaritaville Resort Orlando hotel and vacation condos

The resort will feature a 187 bedroom hotel, more than 1,000 vacation homes and condominiums, a beach area, 12-acre water park, fitness center, a wellness center, water taxis and 170,000 square feet of retail shops and restaurants plus a possible overdose of wackiness for the uninitiated.


Recreational opportunities:

  • The “FinCity” arcade
  • St. Somewhere Spa
  • Planetarium
  • Son of a Sailor fishing school
  • Paddleboarding and kayaking
  • and many other themed experiences for all ages.

Covering over 300 acres. Margaritaville Resort Orlando is ideally located at the intersection of U.S. Hwy. 192 and SR429–near Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.

Margaritaville Resort Orlando has the potential to dominate the new vacation resort arena in Orlando. This resort merges the extraordinary Jimmy Buffett brand of island escapism with the extremely well regarded and experienced developers of Encore Development.

Buying Margaritaville Resort with us.

We are independent parties and not affiliated with the builder or developers of Margaritaville Resort Orlando. As Realtors we represent buyers, protecting your interests. We work to get you the best possible deal when purchasing a new home at Margaritaville Resort Orlando.

In order to have us represent you at Margaritaville Resort Orlando, you must contact us before visiting the resort. If you walk into the resort on your own, you will immediately lose the right to representation by a Realtor.

We work for you at NO COST because we are paid by the builder.  It costs you absolutely nothing to use our services and take advantage of our 30+ years of experience.

Rental Income

Rental Income is one of the most discussed subjects by prospective buyers of vacation homes in Orlando.

Most of our owners in more established resorts are achieving 40 weeks occupancy each year and seeing healthy returns.

Margaritaville Resort Orlando

Margaritaville Resort Orlando. Luxury waterrfont homes for sale near Disney
Waterfront Vacation Homes at Margaritaville Resort Orlando

Margaritaville Resort Orlando will include a 12 acre water park on the 305 acre resort. There will be an arcade, a fishing school, paddle boarding and kayaking, a central 3 acre freshwater lake, a Planetarium and a Spa, a wedding pavilion plus 170,000 sq.ft of retail space, all of which will be integrated into the Margaritaville Resort Orlando concept.

Put all of this next door to a dozen or more world class theme parks, in a city which attracts over 70 million visitors each year, add the enormously dedicated fan base of parrotheads (over 75% of the U.S adult population is aware of the Margaritaville brand) and we believe that Margaritaville Resort Orlando is going to be hugely popular with owners, renters and day visitors.


For the right client this community is going to be great.

These clients however are most likely going to be traditional vacation home owners who want the Buffett brand and are not looking for rental income.

Now we are not accountants or investment advisors but this One Particular Harbour may provide a great rental income or it might be akin to a colorful coral reef. It’s a beautiful place to visit – it will be open to the public – but getting stuck their without provisions is not so funny.



Let us explain.

Pool homes are the #1 rental property in the Disney area. These are followed by townhomes and finally condos. The reason for this is that Disney is a family vacation destination.
Families want space and value for money and not to be cramped up in a small hotel room or condo.


Next are the running expenses.

Margaritaville Resort Orlando is a big community. Master-planned communities like Reunion Resort, which is another community with homes from Encore, typically have an HOA fee, plus a master HOA fee. All of these fees mean that in order to get a return on your money you need to charge a higher amount for your property.


Just because a resort property has high expenses, it does not mean that you will get higher prices for rentals. The market always dictates the weekly rental prices.


If you are looking to own the property at Margaritaville Resort Orlando and you have no need to rent out the property, then you buy it at face value and get what you pay for, which will be a wonderful property in a great location.


If however you would like to see a rental income there are a number of options open to you.



Many of our owners have purchased 5 and 6 bedroom pool homes in resort communities in the Disney area. They are doing 40+ weeks of rentals each year and the HOA fees our owners pay are notably cheaper than those at Margaritaville Resort Orlando which also has a positive effect on the end of year cash flow.

Vacation Homes

Margaritaville Resort vacation homes near Disney for sale
Margaritaville Resort vacation homes highlighted in purple

Margaritaville Resort Orlando model prices.

  • The Park View Cottages range from $234,900 for a 1 bedroom through to $414,900 for a 4 bedroom property with no private pool.
  • The Waterfront Cottages range from $414,900 for a 3 bedroom through to $574,900 for a 5 bedroom property with private pool.
  • The Estate Cottages range from $719,900 for a 6 bedroom through to $909,900 for an 8 bedroom property.



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